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How to Write for Us – Technology and Lifestyle

You can write for us on any subject that interests you. However, we do require that you have experience writing. Your articles should be original and offer useful advice and tips for our readers. We also want your articles to be as concise as possible. The article should not be more than 600 words. Please include a bio of 25 words, your contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and a recent photo of yourself. You may also include a link to your avatar if you have one.

Technology and lifestyle articles should be short, well-written, and relevant to the theme of the site. If you’d like, you can also include relevant tips and links to your business. You should also disclose affiliate links clearly. Failing to do so is against the law. You may include up to three self-promotional links in your article, but be sure to place them at the end of your piece. Your work should be informative, not promotional.

For your article to be published, you must include a title, estimate the word count, and any other relevant information about yourself and your business. If you’ve previously published articles, include the links to them so that readers can check out your work. You can also mention your website or blog on your article. You can write for us if you’re a freelanceTechnology write for us who’s interested in sharing your expertise. You can learn more about writing for us on our websites by following our tips.

Technology articles should be well-written and informative. They should relate to the theme of the website, whether it’s about a software update, how to use a new device, or how to use it in various industries. If you’re writing about a technology-related topic, you can also include tips and links about your business. Ensure that you have the time to do research and ensure the quality of your articles. Otherwise, you’ll regret not doing it.

You should also provide a title for your article and estimate the number of words. You should also include a link to your previous published work if it’s relevant. A call to action should be at the end of the article. Depending on the type of topic you choose, you can write for us for a variety of reasons. There are many ways you can use writing for us, and you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Before you start writing for us, it is important to understand what we need from you. When submitting your articles, make sure to include the title, estimate the length of the article and the topic. You can also include your contact details and your website address. You can also provide a link to your published works if you have experience in that field. You’ll need to provide relevant information when you write for us. You can also use the site’s social media accounts to advertise your business.


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